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An amazing deal at $555,000.00

Property Details

The land measures at present are number from 1-5 and these are as follows:

1. 468 M2 - (5036 SF)

2. 469 M2 - (5046 SF)

3. 467 M2 - (5025 SF)

4. 468 M2 - (5036 SF)

5. 466 M2 - (5014 SF)

All the properties are rectangular (see appendix), forming part of the development. Lot numbers 6-8 will be added in upon the sale of the first 2 homes.


Sapphire Ridge is a new middle to upper middle-income development, located in Vieux Sucre in the Qtr. Of Gros Islet. The Development sits approximately 4 kilometers from Rodney Bay

and is accessed via a paved concrete development road. The road is currently in good motorable condition and will be continuously improved as the development progresses. The access road

is connected to a low traffic main access road with several outlets to both Rodney Bay and Castries.

Technical Details

AAC Material

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is a type of concrete, which has been cured under high temperature and up to twelve times normal atmospheric pressure which gives it unique properties when

compared to traditional concrete. The curing process produces a high strength, thermal insulative, fire resistant, noise isolating concrete with 60% the weight of regular concrete. Our building

method utilizes steel reinforced, precast panels, which allows for faster installation and minimal wastage.


Each home is elevated on steel reinforced pillars, which extend to the ring beam of the structure. Eight-inch-thick steel reinforced AAC panels are used to construct the floor and are tied in

by the floor beam. 10-inch thick AAC panels are used to construct the external walls and a tied by the ring beam, while 8-inch panels complete the internal walls. The structure is enclosed

by a flat roof structure made of 8-inch thick AAC panels, which completes the insulation of the structure and provides added strength. For aesthetic purposes, a second timber roof is installed

above the concrete roof with PVF2 colour coated standing seam roof covering. The resulting structure is rated to withstand up to category 5 hurricane force winds.


The home features a textured external finish with concrete railings and porcelain tiling completing the stairs, raisers and balcony floor. 59x48 inch, mosquito screened, aluminum sliding

windows are present throughout the home with putty finished internal walls which are accented with crown molding and porcelain floor skirting. Ceilings are made of fire resistant gypsum

board and feature recessed LED lighting. Porcelain tiling completes the entirety of both the flooring and bathroom walls.

Kitchen cabinets feature aluminum, soft close cupboards and shelving, topped with cultured marble countertops. Faucets throughout the home are German and Italian made and are fed by

two 1000-gallon water tanks though 850 psi rated water pipes. Hot water is provided by the included solar heating system and all appliances are included in the standard unit. Appliances

include 18000 BTU air conditioners in all 3 bedrooms and living room, 18.3 cubic foot refrigerator, 5 burner gas range, 800 watt microwave, 55 inch smart TV, 24 kg washer and 7 kg dryer.

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Ross Daniel
Ross Daniel
Aug 13, 2021

Is this still available? It looks great!

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